Making a Difference

Chanda is a girl from an undocumented village who doesn’t know her birthdate or her exact age. In her native Southern Nepal village girls births are not recorded in any official record. They are unacknowledged from the moment of her birth. If ones own birth does not matter then the conditions in which you lives, work, strive, suffer and die also do not matter.

We found Chanda when she was only 5 or 6 years old. Camilla Wolf has sponsored her for the last few years she has been with Local Women and is now going to a really good school. Today she gives all her love to everyone who visits our cooperative shop in Thamel.

Chanda’s destiny is changing and she’s becoming very impactful in her community as a young leader.

There are still millions of girls who aren’t able to go to school. Please help us save more girls

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