Start a Campaign

Campaigns are a great way to help raise awareness about our cause and to assist in raising the funds we need to achieve our goals. Every small step can go a long way when we work together.

You can help us make a difference and be part of the women’s empowerment movement by starting a campaign in your community or with your own networks.

How to start a campaign

One of the most popular ways to start a campaign is to use an online platform such as Crowdrise, JustGive or IndiegoGo’s community platform Generosity.

These platforms allow you to create online fundraising campaigns that you can share with your friends and they can easily donate through the online portal. You can add a detailed description about your cause, images, videos and even promote the milestones you reach.

You can see an example of our campaign here.

If you’d rather stay away from the online crowdfunding platforms you could also start a campaign using flyers, emails or word of mouth. Just remember to provide a lot of information the people involved so they can become aware of the cause they are donating to.

Sharing your campaign

Once you have your campaign up and running the next step is share, share, share! Get the word out about what you are doing using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Use emails, flyers and other media to remind people of your cause. Sometimes a more personalised email can be received easier than a Facebook post. Decide what media best suits your goals and spread the word.

Making your campaign fun

Let’s face it, there are a lot of fundraising campaigns out there, but also a lot of great causes. Spice up your campaign with a little fun and activity. For example:

  • Participate in a fun run
  • Participate in a challenge (e.g. ice bucket, ration)
  • Cycle long distance
  • A mystery hunt
  • A game day
  • Sports competition
  • Bake/Cooking sale
  • Auction

Thank your donors

It’s very important to thank your donors after your campaign. After all, they were the ones that helped you achieve your goals. Perhaps you could provide a small gift, a personalized letter, an example of how their money has made a change. We can help you with these things if you need assistance, so once your campaign is over email us at and we can provide you with some resources.

If you need any other assistance starting your campaign please do not hesitate to contact us via email or Facebook.