Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child and give the most precious gift of all – Education. Each sponsorship means a child can go to school for one year. It also includes all school supplies such as uniform, pens, books etc.


The problem:

LOCWOM faces the sad truth that child labor is still common in Nepal today. This is due to many reasons including an uneducated generation of parents whom often cannot afford to provide for their children, forcing them to into child labor to provide for the family.

Traditionally Nepalese families have many children, and while times are changing and people are becoming more educated there are many families who have had many children because they believe a child can eventually look after them. This is a backward way of thinking but no one had ever taught these parents how difficult life can become when having many children. While prices and cost of living rose in Nepal, so did poverty and the ability to care for a big family. Hence why many children are forced into labor at a young age.

The solution: 

EDUCATION. The solution is education, and this is what we want to provide here at LOCWOM. We want to give those children access to education so they are no longer forced into labor at a young age, and they can grow up educated in a world that is moving far beyond the backward traditions and beliefs that still encompass Nepal today.

Where your money goes:

Your money provides the following:

  • School fees for 1 year
  • School uniforms
  • School shoes
  • Stationary (Books, pens etc)
  • Snacks

What you will receive:

  • A part in a changing Nepal
  • A bio & photo of the child you will sponsor
  • 2 updates per year about how the child you are sponsoring is performing and the difference you have made in their lives

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