Embroidery Training Program

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Embroidery has an old tradition in all cultures around the world. Sponsor a woman to learn the art of embroidery so she can have a sustainable income in her future.


Embroidery has an old tradition in all cultures around the world and was developed out of sewing, done with a thread and a needle in its easiest form. Embroidery is a handicraft, used to decorate pieces of fabric with different patterns and colors. In the industrial era a machine for embroidery was invented, accelerated the process and allowed to make even more complex and detailed embroidery. With a simple embroidery machine, women in Nepal produce beautiful patterns they use for bags, accessories and clothing.

Embroidery is a very difficult art to master and many women drop out of the program. After one and a half to two years, women will be able to start selling their embroidered products and enrich their monthly wage.

  • Due to its difficulty, the embroidery training program lasts four years.
  • In the first month, the trainee gets a stipend of 4000 NPR (around 38$).
  • According to her progress and motivation, the monthly pay can increase up to 6000 NPR (57$) during her training program.

After four years the woman will have very good skills in embroidery and will be able to sell her work for good money.

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