Our Projects

Women’s Empowerment Center

The WE center will educate disadvantaged women, teaching handicraft making and business skills. The WE Center will also serve as an emergency shelter and safe house for abused women. LOCWOM’s WE Center will implement a visionary formula for women’s freedom: SKILLS +KNOWLEDGE = EMPOWERMENT.

Education Center (Grade School)

Our schools will focus on children who have not been able to attend school due to their circumstances. They will be mixed gender, but we will be focusing on promoting girls education. The school will be tuition free, and the curriculum will be based on Waldorf and Montessori methods combined with modern techniques.

Health Clinic

The health clinic will provide care for families who are not able to afford care provided by
hospitals and other clinics. Our treatments will be based around holistic healing using herbs local to the land, and we will also be providing health education classes to teach people how to take care of themselves and their families.

Local Women’s Conference

The conference will be designed to bring women entrepreneurs, local activist, and women empowerment enthusiasts together. These events will create an environment where people can engage with international women entrepreneurs and women’s rights activists. The conference will be held annually every March 8th (International Women’s Day) starting in 2018.