Our Mission

LOCWOM is a public benefit Non-Profit Organization based in Portland, Oregon. We were founded in 2016 by Nasreen Sheikh with the intention of improving the lives of women and children globally through education.


LOCWOM will achieve this by creating innovative schools for children, empowerment centers for women offering skills training and business education, and health clinics which will be available for these women and children as well as the surrounding community. Proper education and health resources is something that should be accessible for all and our mission is to make that possible.

We will also be hosting a LOCWOM Conference once a year where women can gather to learn and share their knowledge and stories of what it is to be woman.

Our organization will be comprised of Board Members, Officers, and Program Directors. These individuals will be people from all over the world. Board Members will be donating their time to serve this project, whereas Officers and Program Directors will be compensated for their time and efforts. Our Program directors will travel internationally to LOCWOM sites as well as other communities to share our mission and recruit other people who may be interested in working or volunteering with LOCWOM.

We will also be involving local women in our projects who can work as administrators and managers for our programs in their areas. This is a global project and our goal is to empower women to become leaders in their community.