Our Documentary

LOCWOM is in the process of having a documentary made about our story. Here’s a little about how it came to be –

“I remember it was early morning back in 2012, two tall men entered my shop. They introduced themselves as business owners and they looked at our store. We talked for few minutes about our cause, and then they said they will come back later. I remember I asked my teacher “Did you see how big those people were? Is it normal?”. I remember my teacher telling me “Yes, it’s normal for people from that part of the world to be tall”. From that day in the shop the men began to work with us. They gave us an order of 100 pieces of trousers and we were so happy.

Months later, when they were planning for the next order with us, I was not in a condition to work as I was struggling with my life. My family and my surroundings were putting a lot of pressure on me to get married and conform to the social traditions. I remember talking to the men on Skype, my first time ever using this platform. I told them about my struggles and how I didn’t think I could keep the business going. After a few months they come back and started to interview me. Day by day, as the interviews went on, they became my family, my friends.

I didn’t think much of it at the time but after several years I found out that they were going to make a documentary about my story and the story of LOCWOM. At that time I didn’t even know what a documentary was. It was only afterwards that I realized what an opportunity this was to share my hardship, joy and achievements to those who are struggling like me.

There are millions of girls in this world that are dealing with many issues, the same issues that I have struggled with my whole life – gender inequality, social stigmas, family pressure. It will be really nice if they can feel inspired by someone who has gone through the same things as they have and see how there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This documentary is dedicated to those girls who are at a point in life where they feel they are alone. There was time I felt very alone but once I opened up to people and shared my story I found an enormous amount of love and support. We now need your support to complete this documentary and share this story with the women of this world”

– Nasreen Sheikh – Founder LOCWOM

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