Help us build our Learning Center

Here at LOCWOM we like to dream big and our big dream is comprised of the following elements –

  1. A Women’s
  2. Empowerment Center
  3. A Children’s Learning Center
  4. A Community Health & Holistic Center
  5. A Community Garden

Our dream is for a 100% eco-friendly learning center that will support our whole community and be an example for future communities to work with.

Women’s Empowerment Center : 1500 m² land needed to build our center, which will be built using reusable bottles, with a mixture of clay and cob.

Children’s Learning Center : 2500 m² land needed to build this center, which will be built using earth bags, a component that resists all kinds of severe weather and also stands up to natural calamities such as earthquakes and floods.

A Community Health & Holistic Center : 1000 m2  land needed to build this center, which will be made of cob, a substance that accommodate natural principles and will last longer, need less maintenance, create less pollution, and use less energy.

We will also have a community garden that we can use for our food, and medicines. All properties will have solar panels fitted, use Bio Gas and there will be a well where we will get our water from.

Together We Can Make It Happen

Women’s Empowerment Center

The WE center will educate disadvantaged women, teaching handicraft making and business skills. The WE Center will also serve as an emergency shelter and safe house for abused women. LOCWOM’s WE Center will implement a visionary formula for women’s freedom: SKILLS +KNOWLEDGE = EMPOWERMENT.

Education Center (Grade School)

Our schools will focus on children who have not been able to attend school due to their circumstances. They will be mixed gender, but we will be focusing on promoting girls education. The school will be tuition free, and the curriculum will be based on Waldorf and Montessori methods combined with modern techniques.

Health Clinic

The health clinic will provide care for families who are not able to afford care provided by hospitals and other clinics. Our treatments will be based around holistic healing using herbs local to the land, and we will also be providing health education classes to teach people how to take care of themselves and their families.