Health Clinic

The health clinic will provide care for families who are not able to afford care provided by hospitals and other clinics. Our treatments will be based around holistic healing using herbs local to the land, and we will also be providing health education classes to teach people how to take care of themselves and their families.

In much of the developing world people are still not able to afford medicine. Our aim at LOCWOM is to provide natural medicine that is easy for people to access. Our plan is to grow herbs and turn them into medicines, the way out forefathers have been doing for years before pharmaceuticals came on the market.

There are thousands of herbs with thousands of different uses, many of which are used in conventional medicine as well as for natural remedies. Here in the LOCWOM Health Center we would like to adopt this idea and heal people with nature. We will train a group of women on how to grow herbs and turn them into medicines. Once they are able to do that, we can buy their medicine and donate it to those people who are not able to afford medicine, saving lives that would otherwise be lost from curable diseases.