Children’s Learning Center

Nepal is a country of tradition. Everything from marriage, education and religion, and even eating habits, follows a set of rules and customs. While this is a beautiful thing it has also restricted many people from reaching their full potential. We want to change this, our goal is to give children the opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge in a creative, open, and safe environment.

We want to create an education system that works to the child’s advantage by incorporating Waldorf techniques and other modern teaching styles. Our school will focus not on getting the best grades or memorizing the most facts, but instead focus on expanding the child’s mind through more creative methods which are explained under techniques and curriculum. We want to instill the joy of learning in these children.

Giving the child the freedom to learn in ways best suited to them will give them confidence and eagerness to continue their studies and follow any dream they have for their future.

Our School Philosophy:

Our teaching methods will be based on the Waldorf theory but with a modern twist. We feel that the way Waldorf philosophy teaches a child to develop and the methods of instruction are a very good model to follow, but we also feel that some of the teachings are outdated. Waldorf education was developed in the early 20th century Europe and the world we live in today is completely different from that time. We are also developing a school in Nepal where the children’s upbringing is completely different from western countries. To best prepare the children for the world of today our curriculum will be based on the Waldorf philosophy but we will also tailor our lessons to best suit modern society. We aim to inspire life-long learning in all the children who pass through our doors. Many of the children who will be attending our school have difficult home lives and are not getting the healthiest upbringing. They do not know the potential they all have – in Nepal the education system is very restricting and uninspiring. We want to change the lives of these children and give them a safe space where they can be themselves and inspire them to live the lives they want, not how society tells them they should. So much of the focus of education these days is getting the highest grades, knowing the most facts and getting the best paying job possible. Our system will steer the focus away from these things and instead focus on the child’s needs and interests.

Our Curriculum:

Our curriculum will come from the child, one must know each child well in order to educate them properly. This is also part of a healthy upbringing, a child needs proper sleep, healthy food, enough water and plenty of physical movement to be able to comprehend what they are learning. We will be aware of these things, and teach the parents of the children how necessary sleep, food, and water are to a child’s development. If a child is acting up or having difficulty learning it may be from a lack of one of these key aspects of life. Our teachers will learn to observe and help solve the problems the child may be dealing with, by listening to the child and understanding that there are outside influences on their behavior will help the teacher’s ability to educate the children. We want to make sure our students have a healthy life from the very beginning, this will improve their overall outlook on life, and help them develop and learn properly.

We believe in educating the “whole” child, this includes the mind, the heart and the will. To do this effectively we will teach subjects through image, rhythm, routine, art, drama, agriculture, music and other creative methods of teaching rather than textbooks and lectures. This teaches children the same things as one would learn in a more traditional school, but in a more unconventional manner (expanded upon under teaching and curriculum). Now as strange as this sounds, the teachers do not provide the experiences for students. Instead teachers provide the conditions and environment and each child has his/her own experience. A child must be comfortable in their learning environment, this will give the students confidence in themselves and everything they do. Confidence is key, when a student has confidence they are excited to learn more and make a mark in the world. Some of the conditions we will focus on that will develop and strengthen the children’s overall character are the aesthetic, social, sensitive and symbolic conditions. These are explained below.

Aesthetic conditions: Enhances the child’s appreciation for beauty. The aesthetic of the learning environment directly influences a child’s emotions and ability to learn. It is important that the aesthetic conditions keep the child calm and teaches them confidence.
Social conditions: Will focus on strengthening interactions and relationships between children, and children and adults. The children must be treated like humans, we must appreciate and communicate about their opinions and emotions, instead of ignoring them. By creating a healthy social environment the students will be learn to control and convey their ideas and emotions in a respectful manner.
Symbolic Conditions: Stories, pictures, rituals and ceremonies used to teach important life skills and principles. The methods used will influence the children indirectly instead of lecturing the child exactly how one should behave.
Sensitive Conditions: Conditions that will enhance a child’s perceptive abilities and senses. By focusing on the senses it gives the children a better sense of self and teaches them about how their bodies work.

By including a focus on these four areas we will create a positive learning environment for the children. We will provide healthy conditions that teach students some of the principles of life, they will be able to take these conditions and turn them into learning experiences. The teachers are there to guide the students, and give them sources of inspiration but instead of the teacher feeding all the information to the children we are merely creating the environment where the children can teach themselves and each other these principles.


Our goal

Our goal is to create a school that changes the way children think, we want a system that is not rigid and structured. Instead we will create an environment that teaches the children to be who they are, learn things in a way best suited to them and inspire them to explore all aspects of life. The Waldorf methods want to teach children life is good and beautiful, we aim to make that a reality for them. We want these children to always have a sense of wonder and the confidence to do what they want in life. By providing the proper education and environment these children will have a healthy upbringing and learn principles they will keep with them for the rest of their lives.