Earthquake Disaster Relief in Chaughada

In May 2017, 2 years after a devastating earthquake struck Nepal, we visited the Chaughada district in Northern Nepal to interview some of the villagers who had been affected by the earthquake. Through our interviews we found that there were a number of families that, for various reasons, had not been able to fully recover from the earthquake and are still residing in makeshift huts.

We aim to work together as a community to find sustainable solutions for these families. With your support we can give them a step up to rebuild their homes and their lives.

These are their stories –

Dasaret Malense, 64

My name is Daserat Malense, I am 64 years old. When the earthquake hit I lost my home and for the past 2 years I have been living in this small shelter. I received little help from the government, only some rice and vegetables. No money or supplies to rebuild my home. I am a farmer with a small amount of land here. I don’t make enough money to rebuild my home but if I could afford the resources I would be able to start. This is the first time anyone has ever come here to interview us. After the earthquake the rich people just went about their daily lives and rebuilt their homes, but we were left here to struggle just because we are uneducated and don’t have any financial support. To me that isn’t fair. Living here is difficult because rain comes through the roof, the wind blows the house around and we have had a lot of snakes come in the house. I would just be so happy if I could have a strong house for me and my family. That is all I want in my old age.

Aant Kumari, 63

My name is Aant Kumari and I am 63 years old. I did not receive any support when the earthquake destroyed my home. My home is damaged, I have no bathroom and I worry that my house could collapse at any time. I have little income as a farmer, I can only afford to send 2 of my children to school. The other 2 stay home with me. I would be so happy with some support to help rebuild my home and support my family.

Dharamdutta-Paudar, 72

My name is Dharamdutta-Paudar, I am 72 years old. I lost my home in the earthquake and have not been able to rebuild as I do not even own the land to build on. As an elderly man I do not earn enough to purchase land or rebuild my home. I try to work hard but I am getting old now. All I really want is to be able to have a stable home for my family and I to live in. At any time this makeshift shelter can fall. It is very unstable. We don’t want money every day and we don’t want to be dependent on anybody, we just need some help to get started. If we could just have the resources I could build myself. I would even take a loan and pay it back. I just need help urgently.

These are the faces of the people who have spent many years recovering from the earthquake and perhaps many more years to come. Here at LOCWOM we are looking at ways of sustainable development and we would love your help.

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