Thank you for supporting LOCWOM and our collective mission to empower and mentor women. With your support we are continuing our vision to build women’s empowerment centers, schools and community clinics in rural areas of Nepal.

Women's Center

Educating disadvantaged women, teaching handicraft making and business skills.

Health Clinic

The health clinic will provide care for families who are not able to afford care.

Women Hygiene

Working to lift the stigma and raise awareness around menstrual health.

Education Center

Giving the children the freedom to learn in ways best suited to them.

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"When I was twelve years old I decided that I needed to change the direction of my life, I grew up in an area where women have absolutely no rights and are very burdened by social pressure and that was something I could not bear to accept. Once I left the village and saw the opportunities I realized I could help change the lives of women all over the world."

– Nasreen Sheikh, LOCWOM Founder

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